Cielo Cinches Price List and Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Mohair  (Price list below)
​Mohair is the lustrous and strong hair of the Angora goat. Often referred to as the "diamond fiber," the distinctive properties of mohair have made it a highly desired fiber for clothing and home furnishings.
Prior to the development of synthetics, mohair was the fiber of choice for horse cinches. Due to the increased demand for quality products, today's saddlemakers and horseman have rediscovered the benefits of mohair for cinches, as well as breastcollars, mecates and reins.
• Natural fiber.
• Is hair and will not shrink like wool.
• Soft luxurious hand and rich luster combine with great durability for a long   lasting product.
• High affinity for dyes, produces exceptional colors.
• Resilient, is not easily crushed or matted.
• Wicks moisture.
• Horses appear to like the smell.
  Easy to clean with cold water
Price List​ as of 12/1/13
17 strand mohair $130
27 strand mohair $150
​English girth $155
Mohair breastcollar $185
Mohair breastcollar with two colors in the body $195
Pony breastcollar $155
Add your brand to your mohair item for $65

Hardware Options
Stainless steel hardware in your choice of single bar (#3)
or double bar buckles (#1) included in prices listed above.
All cinches come with two D rings to attach breastcollar, etc. 
Roller Buckle + $5. (#4)
Brass hardware + $10. (#2)
​Cinch body (8 ply cord) in 2 colors +$10.
Cinch accent (2 ply cord) in 3 colors +$10.
Breastcollar Hardware Options
1. Jeremiah Watt martingale center in plain (mss)
2. Jeremiah Watt martingale center in black over steel (mbs).
3. Jeremiah Watt ring in plain (rss)
4. Jeremiah Watt ring in black over steel (rbs) 
5. Brass ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What length should I purchase?

We recommend that you measure your current cinch from the outside buckle to buckle.


2. How do I share my brand or design idea with Cielo Cinches ?

Feel free to email ( a photo or sketch or send  a photo from your cell phone. 307.949.0989


3. How should I clean my mohair cinch? 
​We rinse our personal cinches in cool water until the water runs clean. As often as we feel is necessary. 


4. Can you do all brands?

I will sure try my best but is not possible to do all brands. Some brands look great and others just don't transfer to the cinches and breastcollars.  I will be happy to look at your brand and determine if it will be possible. 

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